Password Station FAQ’s




  1. What systems can I reset my password or unlock my account with using Password Station?


Currently, you can use Password Station to reset your password/unlock your account for the IEEE Domain Account and the IEEE Staff Web Account.


  1. What is my IEEE Domain Account?


Your IEEE Domain Account is the account you use to login to your computer every morning.  For Windows users, it is the Windows login screen that appears after you turn on your computer.


When using Password Station to reset your IEEE Domain Account Password or to unlock the account, any application that you access using this account will also be reset/unlocked.


  1. What is my IEEE Staff Web Account?


Your IEEE Staff Web Account is the account derived from your email address.  For example, if your email address is, your staff web account is j.doe.


This account is used for applications such as Lotus Notes Web Mail, CMS, Webi, among others.


When using Password Station to reset the password for this account, it will reset the password for all applications associated with it.


  1. Can I still call the Help Desk for a Password Reset?


If you are encountering a problem using Password Station, call the Help desk and they will either resolve the problem or reset the password for you after verifying your identity based on the enrollment questions you answered in Password Station.


If you have not enrolled in Password Station and are calling the Help Desk because you need a password reset, the Help Desk will invite you to enroll at that time, so that you can reset your password yourself.


  1. What are the IEEE password policies for the IEEE Domain Acct



  1. What are the supported web browsers for Password Station?


The supported web browsers are Internet Explorer 5.5. and above, Netscape 4.0, Mozilla 1.0 & Firefox. Apple’s Safari browser is not supported.


  1. What can I do to help myself remember my enrollment security answers? 


For easier recall of the answers to your enrollment sequrity questions, follow the below guidelines:

·         Choose questions that have answers that will not change over time (For example:  Your mother’s maiden name will never change, however, your favorite movie may change from time to time)

·         Make simple one or two word answers where possible.  Answers that contain more words will be more difficult to remember.  Longer answers will require you to remember more words and will require that you type more words correctly in the answer field.

·         Try not to abbreviate words (for example:  typing ‘street’ instead of ‘st.’ will be easier to remember instead of trying to remember what abbreviation you used and if you put a period after st or not.)

·         Enrollment answers are not case sensitive, so you do not need to worry about remembering if you created an answer in all caps or not.


  1. Can I create my own enrollment security questions?


At this time there is no option to create your own enrollment questions in Password Station.


  1. What if I do not see all the supported system accounts after I log into Password Station?  (i.e. what if ‘Staff web Account’ does not show up?)


All supported systems for all users should appear properly, however if you do not see one of the supported systems, contact the IEEE Help Desk and it will be added to your account.


10.   When I use the “Change Password” option, why can I not uncheck    the option to change my IEEE Domain Account password?


By default, the IEEE Domain Account will be checked.  You will not be able to uncheck it.  All systems on Password Station are tied to your IEEE Domain Account.  By using the "Change Password" function, you are always going to change atleast your IEEE Domain Password.


11.     I’m seeing a message that I have been automatically unenrolled because I’ve answered my enrollment security questions incorrectly too many times.  What do I do now?


The system will give you 4 chances to correctly answer your enrollment security questions.  After the fourth consecutive failure, you will be automatically unenrolled.  If your account is locked out or you need a password reset and have been un-enrolled from Password Station, you will need to contact the Help Desk.  Once your account has been unlocked, you will be able to re-enroll.